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Casework & Millwork Services for Food Service Environments

Restaurants and cafeterias require approachable, user-friendly spaces where operations match the fast-paced expectations. At R.C. Smith, we carefully design spaces to enhance the experience for both customers and employees. With productivity and customer satisfaction in mind, our collaborative team of designers, artisans, and installers work together to provide your restaurant with the best casework and millwork solutions. Contact us today to get started on your project!

  • R.C. Smith is a turn-key solution! We design, craft, and install custom casework and millwork projects.
  • Our systems are designed for productivity, adaptability, and functionality.
  • With over 50 years of experience, we bring expertise and incomparable knowledge to every project.

The Benefits of New Casework & Millwork Solutions

An important part of establishing consistent customer satisfaction is creating an environment that is organized, visually appealing, and unique to your business. R.C. Smith is here to help you create a space that invites customers to enjoy your services.

Our advanced casework and millwork solutions can enhance your business in many ways:


Promote Employee ProductivityCaret Right Icon

In a restaurant setting, servers play a major role in your business’ success. Your restaurant’s layout should allow your servers and other employees to perform their job quickly and efficiently.

By installing advanced casework and millwork solutions, you can help your servers complete transactions, insert and deliver food orders, and manage customers with greater ease. This will allow your operations to move more smoothly throughout the entire restaurant.

Improve Customer ExperiencesCaret Right Icon

When a customer arrives at a self-serve buffet or cafeteria, they want an arrangement that allows them to get their preferred food items in a simple and efficient manner. Advanced casework and millwork solutions can help you achieve a self-serve experience that’s organized, clean, and cohesive.

By creating a space that allows customers to easily access their desired food items, you can not only boost customer satisfaction, but also keep spaces cleaner. Our team at R.C. Smith will sit down with you to assess your business’ requirements and determine how certain casework and millwork solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Enhance the Overall EnvironmentCaret Right Icon

A cluttered and disorganized appearance is not a good look for any food service business. By installing beautifully crafted casework and millwork, you can create a better first impression with anyone who walks through your doors. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen can help you establish a welcoming and visually appealing environment for your restaurant or food area.

Contact R.C. Smith for All Your Casework & Millwork Needs

To create a high-performing restaurant, the space must have restaurant cabinets and a food service counter that promotes productivity and a cohesive workflow. We create our designs with staff performance in mind, carefully planning key areas with precision and expertise.

Whether you need a restaurant server station or high-functioning cafeteria serving counters, R.C. Smith can provide custom casework and millwork solutions for your business’ specific needs. With our turn-key solution, we can help you prepare your restaurant or cafeteria for success. For expert casework and millwork solutions for your location, contact R.C. Smith today at 800-747-7648. We’ll help you set up a consultation with one of our qualified team members.

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