Pharmacy Casework & Workspace Design

  • Workflow Analysis to Identify the Optimal Pharmacy Design Solution
  • Modular and Freestanding Casework that Remains Adaptable
  • Pharmacy Specific Casework Based on a Form Meets Function Approach
  • Professional Installation to Ensure a Perfect Fit

Improve Pharmacy Workflow, Increase Productivity, & Enhance Patient Outcomes

The right storage, shelving, and layout can completely transform pharmacy environments, streamlining workflow, effectively integrating with automation, increasing staff productivity, and enhancing patient outcomes, among other benefits.

As one of the top pharmacy casework designers in the country, R.C. Smith is here to help you customize your pharmacy’s design and enhance it with functional and sustainable modular casework solutions.

Choose R.C. Smith for Custom Pharmacy Casework

Our team has experience designing work areas and installing our modular casework on more than 7,500 healthcare projects. We understand healthcare requirements!

Our pharmacy casework is engineered with a form-meets-function design philosophy to fit the needs of your pharmacy, whether it’s a hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy, central fill pharmacy, or specialty pharmacy.

Sustainable Modular Solutions

The modularity of our product makes it inherently adaptable to future changes, including reconfiguration, addition to, or even relocation.

Modular casework provides long-term cost benefits since it can be reused and not discarded like fixed-style casework. It has a much longer lifecycle, and it can even create walls for you, saving construction costs.

MMI Systems

Our acquisition of MMI Systems provides us with another modular pharmacy casework product to offer for your consideration. Historically MMI Systems was one of our closest competitors, so we are pleased to be able to bring their innovative products under our company’s umbrella.

Our design team can work with you to develop a truly functional MMI Systems design to meet your needs now and long into the future.

Turn-Key Approach

Our turn-key approach starts with the design, continues during fabrication, and is ultimately made successful by a well-done installation performed by factory-trained installers.

R.C. Smith designers work collaboratively with departmental directors and staff, architects, facility managers, and equipment specifiers to provide the smoothest path to your project’s successful competition. To schedule a design consultation, contact R.C. Smith today!

Improve Hospital Pharmacies With Custom Casework

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing pharmacy or planning a new facility, R.C. Smith has the expertise and experience to deliver hospital pharmacy casework solutions that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Our hospital casework is designed to enhance medication storage and provide functional workstations that support the demanding environment of a hospital setting. Every aspect is meticulously crafted to optimize efficiency and organization, from medication storage cabinets to pharmacy countertops.

Our team installs casework designs with hospital pharmacy staff in mind, ensuring that our casework solutions are perfectly tailored to meet their workflow and operational needs. With durable materials and customizable designs, our casework solutions are built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a hospital pharmacy while maintaining a professional appearance.

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Create Functional Designs for Retail Pharmacies

Get modular casework solutions designed to help your retail pharmacy achieve its operational and branding goals while enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Whether you're opening a new pharmacy or renovating an existing space, R.C. Smith has the expertise and resources to deliver functional casework designs that enhance the efficiency and appeal of your retail pharmacy.

Our casework is constructed from durable materials and features customizable designs that can be tailored to reflect your pharmacy's unique identity. From prescription counters to display shelving, our retail pharmacy casework is designed to maximize space utilization for staff while creating an inviting environment for customers.

Every retail pharmacy is different, and we work closely with our clients to develop casework solutions that meet their specific needs for functionality and budget. Our modular approach allows for easy reconfiguration as your pharmacy grows and evolves, ensuring your casework investment continues to deliver value over time.

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Optimize Central Fill Pharmacies With Modular Solutions

Whether you're planning a new central fill pharmacy or looking to upgrade your existing facility, R.C. Smith has the expertise and experience to deliver optimized casework models that are engineered to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Optimize workflow and efficiency in central fill pharmacy settings with casework specifically engineered to handle high volumes of prescriptions while maintaining order and organization within the pharmacy. From accommodating automated medication dispensing systems to curating specialized storage solutions, our central fill pharmacy casework is designed to streamline operations and minimize errors.

Manual fill stations, packing stations, canister replenishment stations, controlled substance fill stations, and tote packing stations are just a few examples of central fill pharmacy workstations that R.C. Smith has to offer – each engineered to match the specific task being performed to increase the efficiency of the process.

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Design Unique Storage With Specialty Pharmacy Casework

R.C. Smith’s casework solutions are specifically tailored to meet the expansive needs of centralized specialty pharmacies that require specialized casework designs to accommodate unique storage requirements while providing a secure environment for pharmacists and patients.

Our specialty pharmacy casework features maximum storage capacity and customizable configurations to accommodate a wide range of medications and supplies. From temperature-controlled storage units to secure medication lockers, our casework is designed to ensure the safe handling and dispensing of specialty medications.

In addition to functionality, we understand the importance of security and compliance in specialty pharmacy settings. That's why our casework is constructed from durable materials, featuring advanced locking mechanisms to safeguard medications and protect patient privacy.

Whether you're managing a specialty pharmacy within a hospital or operating a standalone facility, R.C. Smith is here to deliver centralized specialty pharmacy casework solutions that meet your unique needs and requirements.

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Contact R.C. Smith for Pharmacy Casework & Millwork

Our team of qualified designers can assist you in improving your pharmacy's workflow, increasing productivity, and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. Our extensive experience in pharmacy design, modular pharmacy casework, and pharmacy millwork can help you achieve the goals that you strive for in your pharmacy.

To schedule a consultation with an R.C. Smith team member, contact us today.

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