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At R.C. Smith, our goal is to assist you with improving pharmacy workflow, effectively integrating with automation, increasing staff productivity and enhancing patient outcomes. As one of the top pharmacy designers in the country, we can help by providing the most appropriate pharmacy design solution combined with the most functional and sustainable modular casework available for your pharmacy.

We understand the requirements of healthcare because we have the experience of designing work areas and installing our modular casework on more than 7,500 healthcare projects. Our pharmacy casework has been engineered with a form meeting function design philosophy to specifically fit the needs of your active pharmacy. The modularity of our product makes it inherently adaptable to future changes, including reconfiguration, addition to or even relocation. Modular casework provides long term cost benefits since it can be reused and not discarded like fixed style casework, thus it has a much longer life cycle (it can also create walls for you, saving construction costs).

Our turn-key approach starts with the design, continues during fabrication, and is ultimately made successful by a well-done installation performed by factory-trained installers. R.C. Smith designers work collaboratively with departmental directors and staff, architects, facility managers and equipment specifiers to provide the smoothest path to your project’s successful competition. To schedule a design consultation, contact R.C. Smith today!

Inpatient Pharmacy Casework Solutions

Today's inpatient pharmacy is comparable to a philharmonic orchestra. An assortment of distinct, yet interconnected instruments or tasks is performed simultaneously to achieve a common objective. The success of each participant and task adds to the success of the group. In each case, the appropriate instruments are a must for success.

Over time, R.C. Smith has developed and refined a wide range of modular casework products specifically engineered to create functional, efficient, and ergonomic inpatient pharmacies. With a desire to make each area of your pharmacy as efficient and productive as possible, we offer the ability to customize products as required to meet your unique requirements and objectives. Our pharmacy cabinet design services can help to maximize the productivity of your department and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your pharmacy’s objectives with complete harmony. Click here to schedule a consultation.

Outpatient and Retail Pharmacy Casework Solutions

Outpatient and retail pharmacies are where it all started for R.C. Smith over 50 years ago, and it continues to be a strong component of our business. Today, expectations related to patient consultation, patient privacy, ADA requirements, and automation have all affected how we design outpatient pharmacies. Additionally, the modular casework that we have developed to meet the needs of a successful outpatient pharmacy operation continues to evolve to best meets the needs of both the customer and the pharmacy staff. Providing an aesthetically pleasing environment will help make your customers experience as positive as possible.

A well laid-out pharmacy makes it easy for customers to find what they need, prompts them to purchase supplemental products and enhances efficient work processes for your staff. The proper casework is an important part of creating that type of environment. Our design staff can help you find the merchandise display method that best serves your purpose and creates the most comfortable environment for your customers.

Work areas for pharmacists and technicians require a blend of storage, shelves and working space for specialized tasks. At R.C. Smith, we offer a range of products that can turn a small footprint into a seamless and efficient work environment. An improved design combined with the correct casework will maximize the benefits of your technology and make your processes flow more efficiently.

Let our expert design team help you create a workable and functional outpatient pharmacy that meets your special requirements! Give us a call at 800-747-7648 to schedule a consultation.

MMI Systems

Our acquisition of MMI Systems provides us with another modular pharmacy casework product to offer for your consideration. Historically MMI Systems was one of our closest competitors, so we pleased to be able to bring their innovative products under our companies’ umbrella.

Our design team can work with you to develop a truly functional MMI Systems design to meet your needs now and long into the future.

Contact R.C. Smith for Pharmacy Casework & Millwork

Our team of qualified designers can assist you in improving your pharmacies workflow, increasing productivity and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. Our extensive experience in pharmacy design, modular pharmacy casework and pharmacy millwork can help you in achieving the goals that you strive for in your pharmacy. To schedule a consultation with an R.C. Smith team member, contact us today.

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