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Our Healthcare Specialties

At R.C. Smith, we strive to create an environment where you and your staff can excel in the demanding conditions associated with patient care. We offer healthcare appropriate casework solutions that enhance workflow and allow your team to work cohesively to best meet your patient’s critical needs. To schedule a consultation with our team of experienced staff, contact us today at 800-747-7648. We look forward to working with you to enhance your work environment and improve patient experiences!

  • Create, Design, & Install Custom Pharmaceutical Casework
  • Custom Healthcare Casework Delivered Directly to You
  • Versatile Modular Casework Designs to Enhance Efficiency
  • Top Quality MMI Modular Pharmacy & Laboratory Casework

Creating Productive Work Environments

At R.C. Smith, our team of experienced professionals operates in a collaborative environment that allows us to create satisfying results for our customers. We tailor our services to your specific needs and supply a turn-key solution that includes design, manufacturing, and installation. Contact us today to learn more!


No matter the size of your pharmacy, it’s critical to create an environment that encourages cohesive and organized operations. If you feel like your pharmacy’s layout isn’t assisting your team with reaching your objective, we offer solutions for both inpatient and outpatient areas. Our high-quality casework services can advance the productivity and usability of your space.

Pharmarcy services


Durable and user-friendly, our laboratory modular casework services can advance workers’ everyday experiences. At R.C. Smith, our goal is to provide an environment where the important studies and processes that happen in a laboratory can be executed in the most efficient manner possible. We ensure the most advanced designs are implemented while enhancing the environment. From installing adjustable tables to creating advanced storage areas, our team of experienced professionals will work hard to enhance your laboratory and help your team maximize productivity.

Laboratory services

Clinical Casework

Through our specialty in healthcare casework solutions, our services can also help you achieve a comfortable and productive area for your clinic. We offer a turn-key solution to ensure our services will remain consistent throughout every step of the way. R.C. Smith’s turn-key solution not only designs the perfect clinic, but we also carry through with the manufacturing and installation process.

clinical casework services

Modular Casework

Our modular casework solutions are designed to seamlessly adapt to your changing requirements both now and in the future. Engineered with durability, strength, and load capacity in mind, our modular healthcare cabinet systems are built to last. We prioritize sustainability and financial efficiency, ensuring that our innovative features meet the demands of the healthcare industry and provide long-lasting value for your facility.

modular casework services

Government Contracts

We provide services for General Services Administration and Department of Veteran Affairs customers. Through this offer, R.C. smith pays for freight on domestic GSA and VA shipments.

government services

Design Services

R.C. Smith provides design services for both pharmacies and laboratories. We design spaces with functionality and durability in mind, and use advanced technology to bring our designs to life. Our team works collaboratively to build a design plan that will enhance the experience in your space. With our turn-key solution, we handle the entire process from design to installation.

design services

Installation Services

At R.C. Smith, we pride ourselves in our turn-key approach that allows us to stick with our customers through an entire project, from beginning to end. Our turn-key approach provides our customers with expert design, manufacture, and installation services to ensure they get the best healthcare casework possible.

modular casework services

At R.C. Smith, we specialize in the development of innovative and user-friendly healthcare cabinets. Our collaborative team of designers and modular casework experts are dedicated to helping you achieve a work area capable of maximizing productivity. To start your project off with a consultation, contact R.C. Smith today at 800-747-7648.


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