Architectural Casework & Millwork

Architectural Casework & Millwork Services

Working with a broad palette of material options, R.C. Smith has the craftsman, experience, and state-of-the-art facility required to best support your casework and custom millwork needs. Whether for a single location or national scope, our custom architectural casework solutions provide customers with high-functioning and visually pleasing spaces. Contact us today to request a consultation.

Retail Stores and Kiosks

From prototype development to final product delivery, our CAD design staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility come together to provide the quality, timeliness, and functionality your business deserves and the perfect shopping environment your customers expect.

Food Services

Our experience includes designing and installing everything from restaurant breakfast counters and salad bars to mall kiosks. Intelligent design and pre-fabricated elements ensure a timely installation in a business environment that rarely slows down.

Display Fixtures

You’ll find countless choices for designing gondolas, display cases, and wall fixtures that fill all the specific needs of your business. Your customers will find the end result to be an enjoyable shopping or dining experience. Contact us today to learn more about why R.C. Smith is the architectural millwork company you’re looking for.

Office and Reception Areas

Did you know one third of our adult lives are spent in the workplace? It’s one of many reasons why work environments should be comfortable and embracing. We can help you provide intelligent, practical, and appealing solutions for offices and cubicles, conference and break rooms, mailrooms, locker rooms, and reception areas.

How Our Services Can Assist You

If your business consistently hosts customers, proper presentation and organization are essential. Your store or kiosk should be free of clutter and misplaced objects. At R.C. Smith, we can provide you with architectural casework and millwork solutions capable of enhancing your store’s employee and customer experience.

As a business owner, you will want your employees to appreciate their workspace. The workspace should allow your customers to succeed at what they come to work to do every day. Additionally, you’ll want visitors to feel comfortable and well-adjusted in your business’s environment. With our casework and millwork solutions, you’ll be able to establish a clean and well-organized area for your employees and customers.

Our services will allow you to present your business in a professional manner. Our designers can assess your needs and create a solution based on your preferences and requirements. From enhancing employee productivity to adhering to customers’ expectations, our casework and millwork solutions will help you establish a comfortable and easy-to-navigate store, kiosk, or shopping area.

Your Architectural Casework & Millwork Company

At R.C. Smith, we understand the importance of having modular casework solutions capable of enhancing your work environment. From reception areas to high-quality food service countertops, R.C. Smith can design the ideal casework and millwork solution for your specific needs. To schedule a consultation with one of our team members, please contact us today at 800-747-7648.