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Medical Casework for Clinics

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R.C. Smith has medical casework to support the needs of your clinic in many different areas and applications. Exam room casework, treatment room casework, nurses’ stations, reception desks, administrative areas and mobile storage…R.C. Smith is here to support you in all of these areas and more.

Our modular casework for clinics provides long term cost benefits since it can be reused and not discarded like fixed style casework; thus, it has a much longer life cycle.

How Clinics Can Benefit from R.C. Smith Casework

To enhance the success of a clinic, the environment must be both comfortable and productive. At R.C. Smith, we can help you establish a cohesive environment where members of your team can efficiently treat and consult with patients.

Exam & Treatment RoomsCaret Right Icon

Clinics provide vital care to patients and it’s critical that they utilize the most appropriate casework for treatment and exam areas. R.C. Smith casework has the aesthetics to help make your patients feel at ease and the functionality to let your staff administer effective care services.

Administrative AreasCaret Right Icon

R.C. Smith administrative casework provides a comfortable and productive work environment for your staff. Options like adjustable height work surfaces, lockable filing and storage options and different configuration all help your staff remain effective.

Break RoomsCaret Right Icon

R.C. Smith can also help you establish break room areas where employees can unwind during their lunch period or break. Our team of professionals can design and install modular casework and millwork solutions that enable you and your team to comfortably and effectively succeed in all aspects of your jobs.

Reception AreasCaret Right Icon

Often your patients first impression, we offer a wide array of material and design capabilities to help you make the very best impression right from the beginning of your patient’s experience. Your reception area should exemplify an ambiance of professionalism and expertise, and our design staff can help you accomplish this.

Nurse StationsCaret Right Icon

The hub of patient care activity, nursing and care giver stations need to perform well to support your staff as effectively as possible. R.C. Smith casework can support the demands of active nurse stations.

Effective and organized client areas and workspaces are critical to the success of your clinic. At R.C. Smith, we can help achieve this sense of efficiency with our healthcare casework solution services. Our team of experienced designers can create a space that allows you to locate the items and documents you need while providing a satisfying and comfortable environment for your patients. To learn more about our casework services for clinics, contact us via phone or email.

Working with R.C. Smith

R.C. Smith specializes in user-friendly medical storage cabinets and medical casework. We believe in providing the best service and practicing thorough communication with our customers. Our team works hard to ensure our customers are informed and getting exactly what they expect out of our services. Throughout the process, we are happy to help answer any questions or address any other inquiries you may have.

Our talented designers and craftsmen have helped our family-owned business succeed for over 50 years in this industry. We use advanced technology and a computer-aided design (CAD) system to create our winning clinic casework designs. For a professional modular medical casework solutions experience, contact R.C. Smith today.

Contact R.C. Smith for Medical Casework in Clinics

At R.C. Smith, we understand the importance of having a comfortable clinic that promotes efficiency and productivity while helping to make patients feel relaxed. Our team of qualified craftsmen works hard at designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality casework solutions for clinics. If you have a clinic that could benefit from our modular casework services, give us a call today at 800-747-7648.

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