Pharmacy and Laboratory Space Design: The Benefits of Working With a Modular Casework Company
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Pharmacy and Laboratory Space Design: The Benefits of Working With a Modular Casework Company

Today’s active pharmacies and laboratories work collaboratively with medical staff to provide optimal patient care in critical times where accuracy is vital to success and mistakes are simply not acceptable. To be successful, pharmacy directors and laboratory managers need to orchestrate an educated, certified and highly organized team in an environment where they can be successful at working together.

A departmental manager may have only one opportunity in their career to design a new department from scratch (or remodel an existing one). Partnering with an experienced healthcare space planner and healthcare casework company can make the difference between making the most of the opportunity or shortchanging the prospect.

Selecting the right team for a departmental design and the most appropriate casework product can bring benefits in many ways, including but certainly not limited to the following.

Expert Designers

When working with a healthcare specific modular casework company, you can rest assured that the designers are specialists in creating high-quality casework solutions. At R.C. Smith, our designers know what it takes to create a solution that enhances productivity and adapts to change. Our experienced healthcare designers have years of experience in helping departmental managers with creating effective healthcare environments and can remain dynamic to change.

Experienced Design Team

Development of the most appropriate pharmacy space design requires a thorough understanding of how each departmental work area functions and what proven design options are available to create the best layout possible. When working with an experienced space design company like R.C. Smith, you can rest assured that the design team will help you in creating the most efficient layout possible. R.C. Smith has the collective experience of over 7,500 completed installations to draw from for ideas on how to make your department operate to its best potential.

Collaborative Design Approach

It is important to work with a space planner and casework company that can work collaboratively with you and your staff, your architect, the facilities team and any supplier of automation. At R.C. Smith we fully understand that a collaborative approach to managing a project helps ensure a project’s success and we welcome the opportunity to be part of your team.

Efficient Workflow

An efficient workflow can only be developed after a thorough understanding how your department operates and what unique processes and automation equipment that you employ. An efficient workflow translates into increased productivity, better communication between team members, reduced delivery times and ultimately enhanced patient experiences.

Interfacing with Automation

The positive effects of automation can be greatly enhanced when the most appropriate design solution is utilized, and the most fitting casework is selected. Effective workflow around automation is paramount or you simply create new bottlenecks that could have been avoided with better planning and a more fitting casework solution. R.C. Smith has the design experience and the modular casework solution to make the most of your investment in automation.

Access to Great Resources

When you choose to work with a professional cabinetmaker and create custom casework, it also means that you will be doing business with someone who can access the supplies needed at a lower price than if you try to build them yourself. This is because professional builders maintain good working relationships with the manufacturers who carry the products and ensure that they only use high-quality materials.

Unmatched Workmanship

When choosing to invest in professionally made medical casework, you can rest easy with R.C Smith because they bring years of experience and an understanding of the materials applied to all their projects. They know how to create custom cabinets that are high-quality while at the same time being aware of any trends or innovations on the market. Because of this, it allows them to adjust to your needs, creating a functional and beautiful design.

You Don't Have to Worry About Mistakes 

Working with a professional team means that you are going to be getting knowledge and experience in every aspect of the project. The construction of custom millwork requires more than knowing how many drawers or boxes and hardware is needed; it takes effort and time to master the skills necessary to build a cabinet from the ground up. R.C. Smith knows that without the proper knowledge, costly mistakes can occur and you may end up with uneven seams or door sizes that are not equal, which is why choosing a professional is the right option.

No Worry about Clean-up

Installing and designing new cabinetry can be a complex process and require a high level of quality and precision. Picking a company that does not offer professional standards means that there may be a mess to clean up after they are completed. If you are dealing with materials and debris and old cabinetry, it may require you to dispose of them yourself, but hiring a professional can give you peace of mind because they also handle this part of the project.

Turnkey Package

Having a company that can provide pharmacy specific design experience, casework and installation expertise as a turnkey package can dramatically help move the whole process along in a more efficient and less frustrating format. One company to call, no finger pointing.

Modular Casework Benefits

Sometimes, the only constant is change. A recognized and proven modular pharmacy casework product like that offered by R.C. Smith is based on a reconfigurable modular design that provides long term flexibility. Because the design of the modular system remains adaptable to change, it doesn’t get outdated like traditional fixed casework does. Modular casework can support your facilities needs through expansion, reconfiguration, departmental relocation, process improvement, or regulatory changes.

Pharmacy and Laboratory Specific Casework

Pharmacies and Laboratories have specific and unique requirements that demand a casework product which has been engineered to match specific needs in a form meeting function product development approach. The R.C. Smith modular casework system has been developed and proven in over 7,500 healthcare facilities after listening to your peers and reacting to their requirements.

R.C. Smith has the industry knowledge and proven experience to help make your pharmacy or laboratory design project highly successful without being stressful. To learn more about our services and how we can help you improve the work experience at your clinic or hospital, contact R.C. Smith today at 800-747-7648.

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