4 Ways to Improve Ergonomics in Healthcare Environments
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4 Ways to Improve Ergonomics in Healthcare Environments

Working in a healthcare field can be a challenging experience, and with this comes the need for accommodation for the workers. There are a few essential ways to help improve the ergonomics for individuals in this field, and one option is to incorporate custom casework as a solution. R.C. Smith wants to give you the best information possible, so we have created this guide for ways to improve the ergonomics in healthcare environments using specialized cabinetry.

Creating More Lumbar Support

It's not uncommon for individuals to spend many hours sitting at a desk, especially in the healthcare field, so having as much lumbar support as possible is critical. Modern reception desks can now be designed to suit the needs of the business well and, at the same time, be customized to offer more support to the individual sitting in the space.

Wrist and Palm Health

The way an individual is sitting and their lumbar support will also directly affect the health of their wrist and the palms of their hands. Investing in a customized area they work in can help assure that they are not overstretching or overreaching for documents or even the telephone. This customization can also provide additional support and allow individuals to move more freely around the keyboard, reducing strain on their bodies.

Support for Keyboards

The keyboard's placement will also directly affect the ergonomics of the individuals in the space. Investing in customized cabinetry can help reduce the risk of the individual injuring themselves because the style of the area can be designed to meet the individual's needs, which will keep their arms and wrists in the proper positioning.

Adjustable Workstations

The truth is, that not one item will work for everyone. So it is essential to have options that can be moved and altered because this can help accommodate anyone who may be utilizing the area. Having a customized desk that allows the workers to stand or sit will reduce the risk of injury and help improve the overall ergonomics of the individual.

In addition, choosing custom casework can also help make the workers more comfortable at their workstation, meaning higher morale and productivity.

R.C. Smith, Your Trusted Name in Experience and Quality

One of the most important aspects of keeping employees happy is contributing to ways that benefit their health, and choosing customized casework is a great start. Creating an exceptional and functional space takes experience and professional knowledge, so R.C. Smith is a trusted name in Minnesota. We are a locally owned company that has been in business since 1965, specializing in products ranging from convenience store counters to medical cabinets created with the highest level of care and craftsmanship on the market.

We have streamlined processes and understand what it takes to create an exceptional product, so message us online or call at 800-747-7648 today.

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