How to Create a Well-Designed Hospital Reception Desk
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How to Create a Well-Designed Hospital Reception Desk

The hospital reception desk is a vital part of the environment because not only does it act as a medical guide, it's a representation of the hospital. It's the area that patients and visitors first encounter, so you want to ensure that you have a space that is welcoming, well organized, and offers privacy for patients to share their information.

R.C. Smith understands how imperative it is to have a functional space, so we have created this guide on ways to make a well-designed reception area.

Consider What the Space Looks like From a Visitor's Perspective

Because the reception desk represents the hospital, it's essential to have a pleasing aesthetic because you want to embody the facility's strength, culture, and highlights.

Creating a modern feeling while at the same time offering a welcoming look with streamlined spaces can be vital to making the patients and visitors feel more comfortable when they need information.

Understand How to Make it More Functional

The reception area handles multiple tasks and is a diversified space, so you need it to be durable and beautiful to perform optimally. This means adaptability to offer a supportive environment, whether answering phones or gathering vital information, ease is of utmost importance.

The easier it is to accomplish these tasks, the easier it is to help reduce the stress for your staff.

Enhance the Space

The front desk also needs to be maximized to have the highest level of organization available so there is no question of where items are located. At the same time, finding ways to reduce the amount of time it takes to get access to the items can be accomplished with a centralized area that offers multiple interchangeable options and enhanced storage.

Incorporate Essentials for Higher Productivity

Electronics are a standard part of almost every job, and you want to make the space easily adaptable with a design that has the flexibility to help foster any type of technology that is required. Whether it is handheld devices or computers used, the hospital reception area will require all of these, and customized casework is the answer.

Think About Ergonomics

Ergonomics is becoming a much larger priority, especially with the extended periods that individuals are now spending at their desks. This makes it more imperative to ensure that the design helps improve them in every way possible.

Incorporating adjustable work areas is critical, and a few customization ideas include:

●        Customized desks that allow the employee to stand or sit

●        Incorporating appropriate lumbar support during keyboard use

●        Ensuring they are not over-stretching to reach for the phone or gather documents

All of these great options can be incorporated with a simple, streamlined solution through custom casework design from R.C. Smith.

For High-Quality Casework Customization, Choose R.C. Smith

The hospital reception area will make a large impression on visitors and patients, so it is imperative you have a design that fosters support and organization. And if your clinic needs an update, R.C. Smith is here with our advanced millwork and casework designs.

Because we have been master craftsmen in Minnesota for over 50 years, our team of experts can help you find the perfect solution for your needs; whether it is medical millwork, retail display cases, or hospitality cabinets, we do it all.

With over 7500 installations, and a dedication to creating solutions our customers love, you know you are in expert hands with us, so message us online or call us at 800-747-7648 today.

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