How Custom Healthcare Casework is Helping Clinicians During COVID-19
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How Custom Healthcare Casework is Helping Clinicians During COVID-19

Since the pandemic started taking its toll on the world, the healthcare industry has had to continuously look for new solutions regarding how to better accommodate both healthcare workers and patients alike, through offering more safe and secure medical facilities. Doctors, nurses, and clinicians manage a wide range of technical difficulties ranging from storage supply shortages to providing more sterile surfaces and stations. Because of these responsibilities, healthcare workers are in need for efficient and accessible healthcare casework solutions now more than ever before.

But with all the medical facility challenges the COVID-19 outbreak has posed in hospitals and clinics, there’s been a profound and new emphasis on creating more accommodating and healthier working environments to equip healthcare workers with the medical casework they need to adequately address this pandemic dilemma. To get a better sense of exactly how this disease has altered the future of interior design for medical facilities, let’s take a closer look at how custom healthcare casework is helping clinicians deal with all the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing Storage Solutions

Throughout the pandemic, storage compartments have been a struggle to keep occupied, organized, and secure for many hospitals and healthcare clinics dealing with an overcrowding of patients. From safely accommodating extra patients to providing clinicians with ample access to medications and protective equipment, advances in custom healthcare casework have allowed these facilities to optimize spacing and arrangement.

One goal of enhanced medical casework is improved storage solutions, which can be achieved by establishing more intricate medical modular casework features. Modular casework essentially boils down to providing more flexible and mobile storage options, which are easy to install and free up more floor space when patient overcrowding calls for it. These adaptive models of medical modular casework provide delicately organized and durable cabinets, drawers, storage lockers, and accessory racks that allow medical professionals to quickly retrieve whatever equipment or medication they need right in the moment, so not a second is wasted. 

Emphasis on Sterility

If any good has come out of the pandemic, it’s the renewed emphasis on sterility that has intensified with the general public. The same can be said for the thousands of healthcare clinics across the country, and thanks to advances in medical modular casework, hospital appliances, stations, and furnishings can be easier than ever to proficiently clean and maintain sterile environments when dealing with detrimental bacteria.

Because these medical modular casework systems can be moved and quickly disassembled, doctors and nurses can swiftly and securely clean and scrub these heavily used surfaces after switching out patients, ensuring a healthier environment for both healthcare staff and patients alike. Stainless steel casework surfaces have also increased in popularity, specifically with medical shelving, cabinetry, and drawer designs, to ensure patient, exam, and testing rooms maintain sterility for hours on end.

Looking Forward

Researchers and medical professionals are warning that pandemics such as the COVID-19 outbreak could be the norm for our world as we move forward into the 21st century. Adequate preparation needs to be taken into account for the interior design and functionality of all healthcare facilities, to better equip healthcare workers when working within such chaotic environments.

The need for more mobile, flexible, and accessible medical modular casework will only increase to provide clinicians with the adaptive solutions necessary to deal with some of the more prominent problems the pandemic has produced, specifically with patient overcrowding of hospitals. Perhaps one silver lining after all the turmoil hospitals have dealt with since 2020 is that the knowledge of installing better preparative assets and more accommodating medical facility resources can help our healthcare workers focus on the safety and security of our nation.

Custom Medical Casework by R.C. Smith

Every hospital and healthcare facility is different and needs their own specific interior spacing and organizational requirements. At R.C. Smith, our speciality is offering clinics with the custom medical casework solutions they need to enhance their staff workers performances and efficiency. If you’re in need of top quality, innovative healthcare casework designs and installation services, contact us today to get started on your estimate, or give us a call at 800-747-7648 to speak directly with one of our medical casework experts.  

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