5 Biggest Trends in Retail Display Cases
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5 Biggest Trends in Retail Display Cases

When it comes to having exceptional, functional, and accessible retail display cases in your store, there are a variety of factors to consider when determining what will visually and physically appeal most to your customers. For starters, you want your custom designed casework to strike a balance between effectively showcasing the products you want to exhibit with a unique, intricate display setup that provides an intriguing interior design experience for the customer. On top of having an elaborate, yet sensible display case, you also need a design that keeps your employees in mind, allowing them to move and operate around the display case, without any interruption or obstruction.

Putting all these retail display case qualities into consideration, it’s important that your workspace feels modern and in-touch with all the latest casework styles and designs. In the past few years, there have been a number of advancements in the world of commercial casework that inhabit all of those aforementioned characteristics, allowing for retail outlets to have more creative control when it comes to displaying their products. Let’s take a look at five of the biggest current trends in retail display case design, to help spark some inspiration for your next custom commercial casework installation.

Refined, Wooden Sophistication

Nothing projects sophistication, class, and comfort quite like a beautiful wooden display case. From jewelry stores, to collectible and antique merchants, to other cultured and polished displays of goods, more and more retail stores have implemented fine, hardwood display cases to help emphasize the importance and value of their products. For starters, there’s the type of wood to consider, which can help blend or accentuate your store’s interior appearance, including:

●        Oak

●        Walnut

●        Maple

●        Cherry

●        Alder

●        Pine

Any one of these variations of solid wood display cases will let your customer know that you put in as much effort into your store’s appearance as you do craft your product. There are also ample opportunities to incorporate modular casework design within your wooden display case, to help enhance overall functionality, organization, and arrangement options for viewing and handling any merchandise.

Captivating Vertical Towers

Vertical tower display is an ideal casework concept for retail stores who want their products to make a statement as soon as customers set their eyes upon them. With their variations in height, vertical tower display cases are a great way to prioritize items in terms of value or rarity, with more prominent products displayed at eye level and items decreasing in price the further you descend down the vertical casework.

If you’re looking to truly empathize and show off a select several products or items, then vertical tower display cases are perfect for breaking up any visual monotony inside your store while at the same time keeping valuables safe and secure.

Gorgeous Gondola Shelving

While Gondola-style casework has always been a staple design for retail stores of all varieties, lately there’s been more of a push to implement a sense of elegance to these convenient and highly accessible retail display cases. These types of customized gondola shelving design can include materials ranging from wood, slatwall, or metal in a wide variety of different visually enticing colors and patterns that will compliment its convenience with striking sophistication.

Professional gondola shelving casework tends to be utilized by more food and beverage retail stores, such as grocery and liquor stores, bakeries, supermarkets, to-go restaurants, and more.

Flexible Free Standing Units

Simplicity meets flexibility when implementing free standing display cases into any retail store. Free-standing displays tend to be dismissed as gaudy attempts at showcasing specific brands or products.

The fact is that when customly crafted and professionally installed, they’re ideal for highlighting various rotating products and items, especially for any products you’re currently trying to unload. These are more mobile-friendly retail display case solutions that can be easily moved around any store to allow for enhanced accessibility.

Display Counter Table Showcase

If you’re trying to convey an entire potential experience to customers by showcasing a variety of products or items that compliment each other, then carefully crafted display counters or tables might be the best retail display case trend for you.

Examples of intricate display tables can include knee-height sized tables in clothing stores, highlighting a variety of pants, shirts, vests, hats, etc., to incorporate an entire look or aesthetic, or a kitchen supply store showcasing entire dinner sets, featuring plates, silverware, and glassware. These types of retail display cases are recommended for larger, more spaced out retail stores, where customers have plenty of legroom to stroll and pursue around.

Custom Retail Display Case Solutions for Your Store

Custom retail casework requires a reputable casework design company that specializes in incorporating all your store’s needs into a display case concept. That’s why R.C. Smith offers extensive, detailed custom retail display case options that will be sure to combine convenient accessibility with sophisticated aesthetic appearance.

If your retail store is looking for professional custom casework and millwork solutions, contact R.C. Smith today to get started on scheduling a consultation, or give us a call at 800-747-7648 to speak directly with one of our expert casework designers.

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