Our "Form Meets Function" Philosophy for Modular Casework
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Our "Form Meets Function" Philosophy for Modular Casework

“Form follows function” is a principle of design that most architects abide by. The basic concept of this is that the shape of an object or thing is purposeful to the usefulness of it. When a design serves a purpose, it is likely to last a long time. The design then allows for user-friendly operation and aesthetically pleasing structure.

Purposeful designs come in a variety of forms. There’s eco friendly, convenience friendly, renovating friendly; the list goes on and on. The form follows function principle points to how the nature of that thing exists for the purpose of achieving a desired goal or outcome. It also alludes to the intent to which the carpenter makes the object for.

Here are a few specific examples of the form follows function architectural philosophy in action.

Eco-Friendly Structure

In terms of eco-friendliness, carpenters and other woodworkers specifically intend that the materials used in the cabinetry and other wooden structures serve as a way to better the environment. Whether this be through the use of recycled or untreated woods, or wood that allows for specific certifications, such as LEEDS or other organizations geared towards the improvement and stewardship of environmental sustainability.

Flexible and Functional

Modular pharmaceutical casework often calls for renovations and office layout flexibility. The intent behind this is when the carpenter makes the casework, they do it in a way that is intended to be modified and reused multiple times. What this means is that the created structure is crafted in a way that can be reconfigured in multiple ways to fit the needs of any office or clinic.

These structures are often designed to be free standing, so they can be reconfigured again and again. This can come in handy when it becomes time to renovate your office or do any rearranging, as you don't have to buy brand new cabinetry or perform any demolition. Flexible yet functional modular pharmaceutical casework is what can save time and money for your office renovation project.

Artistic Aesthetic

Lastly comes the aesthetics of the cabinetry. The intent behind the carpenter lies in the appearance and visual themes of the structure built. It is not just about building something, but rather building something which can enhance the space it is in. That means that you don't just want cabinets, you want cabinets that will look good and are functional.

How is this seen in the pharmaceutical industry? Once again, this is something that the carpenter takes into consideration when they are building the structure. But having said that, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. And that dual purpose is key.

Custom Casework Care

How does this relate to R.C Smith? We craft each of our custom pieces with diligence and care. Our team of experienced professionals take into consideration eco-sustainability, reconfiguration, and aesthetics, allowing them to implement the ‘form meets function’ philosophy into all our customized structures.

R.C Smith is here for your pharmacy storage needs. As a family run business, we come with 50 years of experience dedicated to improving the craft of casework and millwork for a variety of industries. Our skilled workers take time to create the perfect unit for your needs. To learn more, call us at 800.747.7648 or schedule a design consultation today.

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