What Can Custom Shelving Do for Your Veterinary Clinic?
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What Can Custom Shelving Do for Your Veterinary Clinic?

Ask any veterinarian about operating and navigating their way inside a veterinary clinic, and they would probably tell you that it can often feel like a zoo – no pun intended!

There are over 55,000 veterinary clinics currently operating in the U.S., and the one thing they have in common is the need for an accessible and accommodating environment to provide them with the layout, architecture, and resources necessary to succeed. This is where custom commercial casework design comes in handy and can make the difference between calm and chaos in a workplace that requires serenity to flourish.

From the organizational wonders of professionally installed medical storage cabinets to the functional aesthetics of practical clinical casework, here are some advantages custom casework design can bestow upon veterinary clinics. 

Effective & Efficient Workflow

Veterinarians are so much more than merely animal clinicians. More often than not, they have to perform the tasks typically reserved for different medical occupations, such as receptionists, anesthesiologists, pharmacy and laboratory technicians, and even janitors.

All this running around, flinging open cabinets, pulling open drawers, and navigating their way through hallways, exam rooms, and even the occasional Golden Retriever requires a working environment that’s both accessible and convenient without sacrificing any decorative integrity.

With custom casework design, you can implement the specialized storage solutions and spatial fluidity necessary to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of workflow within your veterinary clinic.

Custom clinical casework allows for more opportunities for productive navigation for clinicians through the optimal organization of everything from medicine cabinets to equipment drawers to sample identification and more.

The easier it is to access and acclimate to your clinical surroundings, the more focus you can divert toward the medical tasks at hand!

Intricate Integration

Custom cabinetry and casework are crucial for organizing and accessing any equipment necessary to perform a plethora of medical procedures.

With time always of the essence in any veterinary clinic, professionally designed and installed clinical casework can help veterinarians with any of the following organizational solutions:

●        Slide-out equipment drawers arranged in order of equipment urgency

●        Swing-out shelves for enhanced proximity of important supplies

●        Accommodative nurse stations for immediate access to various instruments

●        Fixed countertops installed to accommodate storage requirements and patient interaction

With improved functionality, suitable spacing, and optimal organization, custom clinical casework allows for elaborate integration of all your veterinary clinic’s appliances and furnishings.

Renowned Resilience

Clean and durable countertops and cabinets are essential for any successful healthcare facility and are no exception when aiding in the success of any veterinary clinic.

With custom design options on clinical casework and cabinetry finishes, you can take advantage of pristine surfaces suitable for conducting any necessary chemical or physical activities that need to be performed.

When you’re required to perform minimal maintenance on your cabinetry and countertops, you can take solace knowing you’re maintaining a clean and safe working environment without compromising its appearance.

Flexible Functionality 

Not all interior arrangements and architectural structures are the same when it comes to clinical facilities. Perhaps the best advantage that custom modular casework can provide for any veterinary clinic is the enhanced flexibility and freedom to utilize superior medical cabinetry systems without having to feel tied down or committed to the layout.

Clinical modular casework is entirely reconfigurable, meaning your interior design and cabinetry components are entirely adaptable to any necessary changes that need to be made. When your working environment is constantly susceptible to change, modular casework helps provide reassurance and flexibility to superior cabinetry systems.

Streamlined Spacing

Every inch of space matters in a medical environment; custom shelving can help enhance the area by reducing excess. It helps make the space more accommodating for workflow and gives easier accessibility for equipment and furnishings.

Electronic Integration

Electronics are a critical part of any medical field now, and your clinic needs to acclimate to the advances. Incorporating custom shelving allows for a design that offers flexibility to accommodate everything from handheld devices to computers to give your veterinary clinic the ability to offer the best care available.

Personalized Branding

Branding is critical for businesses, especially in the medical field. Creating familiarity can help clients feel more comfortable bringing their companions to your services.

Working with our design team will create an aesthetic that reflects an organized and customization solution to help promote your business’s vision.

Enhanced Hygiene 

Hygiene is of the utmost importance when you are attending to patients, and due to the nature of your business, keeping a stringent hygiene standard is critical. Customizable shelving offers an easier-to-care-for surface due to its non-porous nature, helping to maximize cleanliness and reduce sanitation issues in your office.

Clinical Casework Solutions for Your Veterinary Clinic 

Providing optimal care to animals and their owners relies heavily upon the comfort and convenience veterinarians experience working within their clinic. At R.C. Smith, our mission is to provide all our healthcare clients with customized casework solutions that meet their specific interior design needs.

Contact us today to schedule a design consultation for improving your medical casework, or give us a call at 800-747-7648 to speak directly with one of our commercial casework specialists.

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