Interfacing With Pharmacy Automation: How to Enhance the Benefits of Your New Equipment
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Interfacing With Pharmacy Automation: How to Enhance the Benefits of Your New Equipment

Pharmacy automation equipment can play a crucial role in improving the accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency of filling medication orders. Efficiency starts with a streamlined system, and finding ways to implement advanced technology comes with multiple advantages.

To make the most of your pharmacy automation equipment purchase, several often forgotten factors must be seriously considered to make your investment pay off, and we have them listed below. 

Maximize Your Space

The development of a highly functional space plan that considers where the best placement of the automation equipment is located within your specific space and how it relates to functions needed for the pharmacy automation to perform optimally. (Examples: canister replenishment areas, manual fill areas, packaging areas, etc.)

A well-experienced pharmacy design specialist is best suited to assist your pharmacy team with this important step.

Install Functional Shelving

Functional casework that best matches the needs of each specific task for the supplemental work areas. (Examples: gravity feed shelving, pass-through areas, adjustable height work surfaces, vial drawers, supplemental lighting for countertop areas, etc.).

Utilizing casework specific to the pharmacy's unique needs will drive efficiencies and productivity and support ergonomic requirements. Ensure that you have a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Incorporate Modular & Freestanding Designs

Modular casework supports the short and long-term ability to adapt to changing requirements. Technology and work processes are constantly evolving, and adaptability to that change provides opportunities for ongoing efficiency enhancements.

Modular casework provides the ability to reconfigure, add to, or even relocate. Freestanding casework eliminates the need for expensive walls because the system creates the walls for you, and they can be moved!

Modular and freestanding casework may have a slightly higher initial cost, but long term, the price is lower than traditional fixed casework that can’t be changed or moved.

Enhances Adaptability for Change

With the developments of technology, pharmacy, and medical facilities are consistently driving for increased results, and any active operations will need an adaptable space to incorporate new automation systems.

Including casework or millwork features with privacy screens and counter areas for drop-offs and pickups not only accommodates the technology to access client information quicker but provides an easy-to-use system, increasing customer focus and care.

Increases Sustainability Systems

With increased automation comes the benefit of enhancing sustainability practices and modular pharmacy casework contributions through the LEED Certification. The LEED system rates eco-friendliness by implementing low-emitting materials and recycled content.

When combined with a reduction in raw materials through automation, the design creates a flexible and sustainably minded enhancement for storage and organization features. 

Improves Productivity

The entire idea behind automated services is to equate to higher productivity levels, and custom pharmacy casework will contribute to this by creating an easily accessible and convenient workspace.

Pharmacies can be demanding and busy workspaces, and implementing streamlined designs can help ensure that you're meeting the spacing needs of your staff while, at the same time, creating a personalized brand or aesthetic and incorporating any advanced technology to help your business succeed.

Your Trusted Pharmacy Casework & Millwork Design Team

Don’t let your pharmacy’s poor layout prohibit your staff from being successful. R.C. Smith is ready to provide you with a turn-key solution capable of designing, manufacturing, and installing the advanced casework solutions you are looking for.

We will take your pharmacy’s unique needs and requirements into close consideration as we create your new casework and millwork products. Give us a call at 800-747-7648 or contact us online to receive design consultation from our experts.

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