Casework and Millwork Features that will Benefit Your Pharmacy
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Casework and Millwork Features that will Benefit Your Pharmacy

Pharmacies carry out important duties such as supplying people with critical medication and providing necessary solutions for patients’ ailments and requirements. Because of the critical role pharmacies play in many people’s lives, every pharmacy’s layout should promote success and productivity.

When a pharmacy lacks proper cabinets, countertops, and storage units, the entire team is at risk for experiencing issues such as loss of important information and disorganization. When handling confidential information and important medications, there is no room for error. By installing advanced casework and millwork solutions in your pharmacy, your team can better complete daily duties and responsibilities.

New casework and millwork solutions come equipped with features that benefit your pharmacy. Here are several types of advanced casework and millwork that can improve the day-to-day operations at your pharmacy.

●        Enhanced Shelves | When a pharmacy is cluttered and disorganized, it puts the pharmacy at risk of unwanted mistakes and accidents. By installing properly structured shelving units, your employees are better able to quickly locate needed medications.

Medical bottles come in a variety of sizes. Your shelves should be able to properly store and organize every size so that your staff is able to manage each bottle. R.C. Smith can design pharmacy shelving units specifically designed for organizing both short and tall Rx bottles. Our craftsmen ensure each shelf is durable and ready to perform day in and day out.

●        Additional Storage | Because pharmacies house a variety of products, the back area should have several types of storage shelves and units that are easily accessible and well organized. R.C. Smith can design end panels and other storage units that will properly hold all the different types of products your pharmacy carries.

●        Privacy Screens | Customer information is highly confidential. A pharmacy is often responsible for keeping records, names, and other personal information hidden from everyday bystanders and visitors. In order to sufficiently protect this sensitive information, your pharmacy may be in need of privacy screens or dividers.

Our team of expert designers will take the time to understand your pharmacy’s requirements. We will create a layout that allows your staff to succeed in every aspect of their jobs, including maintaining confidentiality regulations.

●        Enhanced Work Surfaces | A pharmacist’s job is extremely important. In order to ensure your staff performs to the best of their abilities, you should equip your pharmacy with comfortable working conditions. R.C. Smith can help you maximize your team’s efficiency with advanced countertops and work surfaces, including countertops with adjustable heights.

Creating a space that is comfortable and easy to navigate will help your team succeed at what they do. If your pharmacy’s back area is in need of advanced workspace solutions, contact R.C. Smith today.

●        Advanced Cabinetry | No pharmacy workstation is complete without organized and accessible cabinets. Whether your pharmacy is in need of cabinets with several drawers for vial storage or your team is in need of a cabinet to surround your pharmacy’s sink, R.C. Smith has the expertise and designing experience to create the storage space you need.

At R.C. Smith, we understand that pharmacies have specific needs and requirements. We’ll take the time to understand your pharmacy’s specific duties so that we can create cabinets that meet your needs.

●        Drop off and Pick-Up Counters | As a pharmacy, you will want your customers to be greeted by a space that appears clean, cohesive, and well put together. Because customers’ first impressions are typically the drop off counter, you should ensure that space gives off a welcoming and well-organized ambiance.

R.C. Smith can design a countertop area that promotes easy interactions between your staff and customers. We’ll install countertops that invite your customers to pick-up their prescriptions with ease and efficiency.

As you can see, proper casework and millwork play a vital role in the success of your pharmacy’s daily operations. Your pharmacy’s layout also provides an impression for your customers. By installing advanced cabinets, countertops, and storage areas, you’ll be able to assist your staff with their everyday responsibilities.

Quality Casework and Millwork Solutions for Your Pharmacy

R.C. Smith will assist you in establishing a pharmacy that promotes productivity while also supplying visiting customers with a welcoming appearance. As a turnkey company, we’ll not only design your pharmacy’s new solutions, but we will also craft and install your new additions. We strive to create solutions that are both adaptable and sustainable so you can feel confident your new additions will serve your pharmacy for many years to come.

To schedule a consultation with our team of expert designers and craftsmen, contact R.C. Smith today at 800-747-7648.

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