Modular Pharmacy Casework Systems Support Sustainability By Adapting to Change
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Modular Pharmacy Casework Systems Support Sustainability By Adapting to Change

Businesses have used traditional or on-site cabinetry (or casework) for years. However, as technology advances and companies seek to become more eco-friendly while remaining adaptable to changing requirements and expectations, a new type of casework is rising in popularity.

Modular casework is engineered to best support the unique requirements of your environment, now and in the future. Thanks to its adaptability, it can be used in various pharmacy settings and has become a critical storage solution for healthcare facilities.

What Is Modular Casework?

Modular casework refers to cabinetry that can be reconfigured and relocated. It is similar in appearance to fixed casework but different in function. Compared to traditional casework, modular casework is freestanding, configurable, and adaptable to change. This allows for more flexibility in changing floor plans and interior design layout.

Most movable casework is custom-made with the intent to "set in place," meaning you can place the casework wherever you want. With modular casework, no anchoring pieces are required, saving you time and providing a convenient, hassle-free installation process. 

How Modular Casework Can Benefit Your Pharmacy 

R.C. Smith can fulfill all your modular pharmacy casework needs, offering multi-faceted benefits for your inpatient, outpatient, retail, or central fill pharmacy. Here are just a few of the ways modular casework can benefit your pharmacy: 

Custom Designs for Pharmacies 

R.C. Smith Modular Pharmacy Casework has been engineered specifically to meet the demanding requirements of today's active pharmacy environment. Order verification, unit dose picking, interfacing with pharmacy automation, patient consultation, and compounding each place specific demands on the casework design, and our experience of over 7,000 completed pharmacy installations provides significant experience to draw from. 

Enhanced Flexibility 

Modular pharmacy casework also gives you flexibility in changing or modifying your office space's floor plan and design. For example, If you are doing an office remodel, traditionally, you would need to demolish the old, wall-anchored cabinets and get new ones installed. But that is expensive and time-consuming. 

By investing in modular casework, you can use the same cabinets repeatedly, reconfiguring them as needed to adapt to your pharmacy's changing needs; no replacements necessary! Modular casework can support your pharmacy's needs through expansion, reconfiguration, addition of automation, departmental relocation, process improvement, or regulatory changes.

Cost-Effective Storage

As mentioned earlier, modular casework is budget-friendly. Instead of buying brand-new cabinets with an office renovation, you can use the same cabinets you had before. And since modular casework is designed with the ability to be reconfigured and relocated, you can save money on remodeling.

R.C. Smith's modular freestanding system can also be depreciated as furniture. This allows you to realize significant tax advantages by depreciating the product over seven years instead of 39. Ask your tax accountant for more details!

Enhanced Sustainability with LEED Certification

LEED stands for leadership in energy and environmental design. It serves as an eco-friendly rating system for all building types. Based on the materials used for a project, points are accrued for LEED credit opportunities, which can apply to a project becoming LEED certified.

How the LEED Point System Works

A LEED certification is based on the number of points a project accumulates. Receiving this certification is based upon meeting qualifications in the following areas: sustainable sites, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, water efficiency, and energy and atmosphere.

Reused Products: 1-2 Points in LEED Certification

Our modular casework is designed to easily be reconfigured, relocated, or reused to meet your specific pharmaceutical space needs. When a new project uses existing millwork instead of creating a new one, points can be accrued toward LEED certification.

Recycled Content

Our team uses a high volume of pre-consumer recycled wood for our projects. By utilizing reclaimed wood instead of treated or contaminated alternatives, R.C. Smith contributes to better practices for environmental sustainability. Using these eco-friendly materials can also contribute toward LEED certification.

Low-Emitting Materials: 1 Point in LEED Certification

Formaldehyde serves as a strong bonding agent for wooden boards. However, formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen, which can contribute to developing cancer. Additionally, wooden products that contain this substance have been known to transfer toxic gases into indoor living and working spaces. 

We make sure to use sustainable, composite wood free of added formaldehyde, so you don't have to worry about exposing yourself to potentially toxic chemicals.

Contact R.C. Smith for Modular Pharmacy Casework Systems 

Sustainability starts with exceptional products and craftsmanship. As a family-run business with 50-plus years of experience, R.C. Smith is dedicated to providing quality casework and millwork for your business.

Call us today at 800-747-7648 or connect with us online and get started with your custom modular casework!

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