5 Unique Retail Counter Ideas
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5 Unique Retail Counter Ideas

There is no doubt that the words unique and personalization have become buzzwords in our society. Business owners face the need to put much more effort and thought into what they are offering their customers when they walk in the front doors.

Creating a retail counter that helps the consumer have more than a great experience.Because a memorable one will help foster more return customers!

Here are five unique retail counters that you can create for your business.

1. Entry Designed for Social Media Moments

Social media has become a primary source of communication and connection within our society. This is even more so with the pandemic and individuals not seeing one another in person.

You can encourage people to engage with your brand by creating a “social media moment” that grabs attention as soon as people walk in the door.

For example, installing a chalkboard where you write weekly messages that include social media hashtags can draw in the consumer's eye and invite them to connect with your brand physically (by taking a selfie with your sign) and online (by following you on Facebook or Instagram).

2. Cubby Style Cabinets

Some consumers enjoy having various options to look at when they approach a front counter. When you incorporate a cubby style to the area, you can enhance it by placing smaller items like sunglasses or newspapers that are easily accessible for the consumer to grab before checking out.

3. Kid Friendly

Another surefire way to get families to return is to make the area fun for the kids. When you take the time to incorporate bright colors and whimsical themes at the children's eye level, this will create a memorable experience that will make them want to return.

4. Well-Lit and Open

Most individuals don't want to do business in a dark space, and it's helpful to incorporate extra lighting in the area to help illuminate purchases.

It's also beneficial to create an expansive feeling in the area where they're checking out or to have extra room to place their belongings on the retail display counter while finishing the transaction.

5. Cohesive Branding

Retail cabinets are the perfect place to help add your story into the experience of the purchase. Keeping your color schemes in theme with the rest of the store and any photography or newspaper clippings relating to the business can be highly beneficial.

Nothing beats a welcoming and inclusive experience when it comes to checking out, so personalization is critical.

Let R.C. Smith Create a More Functional Space

Your sales counter design reflects your business style and personality, so you want a company that commits to excellence when helping create it. R.C. Smith has been in business for over 50 years with a passion for building custom casework solutions. We serve the greater Twin Cities area and would love to help you with your next project!

If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us or give us a call at 800 747-7648.

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