Retail Display Counter Solutions For A Post-COVID World
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Retail Display Counter Solutions For A Post-COVID World

Before the pandemic took hold, applying appropriate retail display case strategies tended to hinge on accentuating a store’s appearance or energy, as much as it did to improve functionality and convenience. Nowadays, the latter has emerged as a top priority when it comes to retail store design, with more businesses trying to incorporate better ways to display their products in more safe, comforting presentations.

There’s a newfound need for retail counters and display cases to be more flexible than ever before, as the past year has allowed us to learn just how rapidly the retail experience can change in an instant. But while some of these architectural changes may have initially started out as an annoyance for most retail suppliers, the silver lining through this all has helped businesses install more secure and beneficial display appliances and layouts that accommodate their customers’ current needs and concerns.

To further examine these effective changes in commercial interior design, take a look at some of the prominent retail display counter solutions that will cater to a post-COVID world.

Architectural Flexibility

Implementing more adjustable and mobile retail display counter concepts has become a top priority for most retail stores. In the past, there tended to be more of an emphasis on permanent, brick-and-mortar-like architecture when it came to providing customers with a seemingly elegant retail display design. Now, finding the balance between prominently displaying products and merchandise while leaving wiggle room for any necessary interior design adaptation is an absolute must. This can be achieved through a variety of versatile display features, ranging from mobile retail cabinets or display cases to installing movable shelving systems.  

Accessible Convenience

Perhaps the most influential quality the pandemic bestowed upon retail stores was further emphasizing independence with the consumer experience. While the retail display counter was initially intended to be utilized for more promotional purposes, now it can be served as an all-in-one shopping experience for customers, allowing for shoppers to curate their own involvement through interactive displays. Kiosk stations, mobile app integration, cashless transactions, QR-code scanning; all of these features are becoming more popular retail display accessories at stores to help develop a more accessible, independent, and convenient relationship with customers.

Emphasize Space & Cleanliness

Distance and sterility; two of the most crucial components to successfully navigating our ways through the pandemic. Which should make it no surprise that emphasizing space and cleanliness into the design and usage of your retail counter display is an absolute must moving forward. Whether it’s showcasing hand sanitation stations at the beginning and end of a checkout line or display setups that discourage touching and potentially spreading germs, focusing on providing customers with more spacious and pristine surroundings is an essential element to the future of retail design.

Custom Retail Display Counter Design by R.C. Smith

The retail industry’s landscape is constantly evolving, and much of what will determine its success is how we implement more safe, accessible, and convenient design aspects in response to public health demands. When your store needs custom retail display counter designs, R.C. Smith is here to help, offering specialized retail cabinet and display case concepts manufactured for your company’s specific needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on our retail casework solutions, or give us a call at 800-747-7648 to speak directly with our retail design experts. 

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