5 Biggest Mistakes in Retail Millwork
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5 Biggest Mistakes in Retail Millwork

Choosing to invest in customized millwork like retail display counters can add a flair to your business while at the same time promoting advertising for your company's brand. You want to ensure that your products are clearly displayed, and it can help transform your space if you have millwork tailored to your business's needs.

When considering getting professional installation, a few mistakes can potentially happen, so here is a list to help bring you some awareness.

Inadequate Flow in the Room

Whether your business is older or newer, the millwork is an essential part of the building. One of the big mistakes that individuals make when having an install is that they don't consider the room's layout to keep an even flow for customers and employees.

You want to make sure that the walking areas and check-out areas are clearly defined and don't have obstacles in the way of reaching them because this can help promote ease.

Not Keeping It Simple

Another mistake that can occur is simply installing too much millwork. There may be an over-abundance of counter space, which can confuse customers and employees alike.

In most cases, less is more, so keeping the area streamlined to the specific needs of that section of the retail space is recommended.

Choosing the Wrong Materials for the Environment

It is no secret that some wood products are more susceptible to moisture, which can lead to a breakdown of the material. The temperature and humidity of the environment will impact the content in the wood, and although stains or paints might help prevent some absorption, they won't fully protect it.

To ensure you have a product that lasts through the years, you want to make sure you choose material appropriate for the environment. A material like laminated wood is resistant to temperature changes and less prone to cracking or warping over time.

Not Properly Measuring

This would seem like an obvious issue to avoid, but it does happen from time to time. Creating custom millwork requires precise measurements to align perfectly when the materials are placed together. If the materials are mismeasured or not treated appropriately, this can affect the installation process and cause more problems.

Millwork That Doesn't Match Your Business

The last mistake individuals make is not choosing millwork appropriate for their business. You want to make sure that whichever you're choosing will complement your brand in the product you sell.

Choose R.C. Smith for Casework & Millwork You Can Depend on Through the Years

As you can see, mistakes will happen, but when you are working with a qualified company like R.C. Smith, you don't have to worry because we have over 50 years of experience. We offer the highest quality craftsmanship in products like medical cabinets and laboratory casework with over 7500 installations in Minnesota.

If you are looking for custom retail millwork, we have you covered, so contact us or give us a call at 800-747-7648 today.

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