Common Laboratory Design Problems and Solutions
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Common Laboratory Design Problems and Solutions

The reality is that your laboratory design affects multiple business areas, and even if you are aware of some problems, you may not know how to tackle them. There are common design issues with items like the medical casework that companies deal with regularly, but thankfully there is a solution to fix them, so here is more information.

Not Enough Spacing

In a laboratory setting, you want as much space as possible, but dealing with outdated modular medical casework can be problematic for everyone in the area. Dealing with a small or cramped space leads to an inefficient work environment, and if your employees have to navigate a maze to get to a specific location, this could create frustration. One way to combat this is to create custom-designed cabinets specific to your company's needs, and R.C. Smith has the solutions to this.

Safety Issues

In a laboratory, safety is a major concern, and if you are dealing with a disorganized and cluttered design due to millwork that no longer works for your laboratory, this can be hazardous. If a visitor or employee trips while trying to get to a specific area in the room, this can be a liability, and even worse, if they are carrying a hazardous product, this could be severely damaging. Replacing old cabinetry with custom casework specifically designed for the area can help create a safer lab environment.

Keeping Up With New Technology

Technology is a driving force in our world, and if you are still using old cabinetry that doesn't promote a space for holding handheld devices or computers, it might be time for an upgrade. The last thing you need is your employees trying to figure out where they can put their computer and plug it in, especially if they are trying to do research, so installing the solution of updated cabinets can make a difference.

Productivity Issues

You want your lab to be as streamlined and organized as possible, and it can be difficult for employees if they have to search for items that could be easily stored near their workstations. R.C. Smith specializes in laboratory casework that can help create a more functional and efficient workspace that will keep your employees happier and more productive.

Choose R.C. Smith for Custom Laboratory Cabinets

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why upgrades are a great way to promote happier employees and a more efficient workspace, and R.C. Smith is the local expert you can count on. We have been in business for over 50 years serving the Minnesota area, providing our customers with the highest quality products ranging from healthcare cabinets to retail display cases.


We are here to create a solution you can count on, so contact us today or call us at 800-747-7648.

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