Time to Update Your Laboratory Shelving? Why Advanced Casework Matters in Laboratories
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Time to Update Your Laboratory Shelving? Why Advanced Casework Matters in Laboratories

Laboratories are spaces where researchers, scientists, and students discover groundbreaking developments and solutions. As such, they must be designed to support and leverage users in their everyday practices. 

Several components go into a successful laboratory setting, which is why you should work with an experienced laboratory shelving company. R.C. Smith is a leading choice for designing, creating, and installing your laboratory’s work surfaces and cabinets.

Learn why our advanced modular casework offers the ideal solution for upgrading your laboratory shelving and workflow. 

Why Does Shelving Matter in Laboratories?

High-quality shelving can make a difference in your team’s productivity. Modular casework includes cabinets, storage compartments, and work surfaces that make a laboratory a comfortable and effective place to work. 

R.C. Smith can also design and install millwork that creates a welcoming environment for your technicians. Advanced modular casework and millwork are critical in a laboratory setting to enhance work efficiency and provide users with an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable place to get their jobs done. 

9 Benefits of Modular Casework for Laboratories

Here are several benefits of installing top-notch modular casework (and millwork) in your laboratory.

1. Maximize Space

Having optimal space to work is critical in a laboratory environment. Casework can create more space in your laboratory by supplying your technicians with additional storage and cabinets. 

R.C. Smith can design customized casework and millwork solutions based on your lab’s specific needs and requirements. Whether you need a personal storage area for employees' belongings or enhanced organization, our team will help you create a space that allows your team to thrive at what they do.

2. Enhance Productivity

Quickly locating every document and piece of equipment allows technicians and biologists to thrive in a laboratory. Effective casework can help you enhance your team’s productivity by providing them with an organized and user-friendly space. 

A streamlined casework system also reduces the need for your staff to search for specific items. This can create a less stressful environment because the employees know exactly where things are located and can find them quickly. 

With modern shelving and storage solutions, your team will be able to complete their tasks and responsibilities with greater ease.

3. Adaptable

Laboratories have many processes to go through, and as technology enhances, they become more responsible for specific procedures. This means they need as much flexibility as they can get. 

R.C. Smith can design, craft, and install casework and millwork solutions that are adaptable to the ever-changing needs of laboratory professionals. We’ll create a solution that meets your laboratory’s specific needs and is flexible to your internal changes.

4. Ergonomics

Another consideration is keeping the employers safer with good ergonomics in the laboratory. Investing in custom casework can help you create options that can reduce the range of motion injuries and help the employees retain a better posture if they spend most of their day in front of a desk. 

Investing in casework that targets offering employees desks the right height and making items easily accessible without needing to overreach is easier with a customized station. 

5. Enhanced Aesthetics 

The fact is that the more enhanced the working space is for the staff, the better. Offering a functional and organized environment can help boost employee morale because it provides predictability both collectively and for the individual. This can result in higher levels of production and create a more successful work environment for everyone. 

Customized laboratory shelving helps contribute to this because you can make an aesthetic solution that blends into the rest of the lab's design and create a visually appealing space.

6. Greater Durability

Durability is another primary concern, especially in laboratory environments, because all stations must function efficiently. A lower quality product made from cheaper materials is more prone to breakdown and not work correctly in a shorter period. 

Investing in high-quality, modular casework means getting top-grade materials made by experts who understand what craftsmanship means and reduces the need to replace the casework as often, putting more money in your pocket. 

7. Advanced Features

Because of the important research and studies that take place in a laboratory, your team should have access to the most functional features possible. From adjustable tables to enhanced storage compartments, R.C. Smith can craft solutions that support and leverage your technicians’ day-to-day tasks. 

As technology and requirements advance, your laboratory’s layout should advance as well. We’ll help you achieve a comfortable and effective laboratory experience!

8. Enhanced Safety & Accessibility

Gas, electricity, technology, and plumbing are all necessary elements for success in a laboratory. Advanced modular casework solutions effectively incorporate these necessary elements, so your team can thrive in their day-to-day responsibilities. 

9. Consistent Appearance 

Your design and branding are critical markers for clients and customers alike, and investing in custom laboratory shelving can help meet the exact specifications needed creating a continuity not typically found in most designs. 

Choosing customized options means matching materials, colors, and shapes that are easily and consistently identifiable, creating a sense of ease and comfort because the clients know they are working with a familiar and trusted provider.

Is It Time to Update Your Laboratory's Shelving?

Laboratories are essential places for individuals to find solutions and offer groundbreaking discoveries, and with this comes a responsibility to create an environment that promotes these abilities for success. Your team's productivity and focus will contribute to a functional working area and offer a way to stay organized simultaneously. This reason alone makes it much more essential to have modular casework that promotes commercial cabinetry and storage that are easily accessible.

Having a space to function optimally is imperative to the laboratory setting with specialized medical cabinets. They offer more storage solutions creating ease of work and less stress for the employees because it removes the need to search for items as they go through their tasks. Incorporating a flexible design for the work environment that offers solutions instead of frustrations helps foster proficiency in the laboratory setting. 

Having tables that employees can adjust and enhanced storage compartments that promote ease are small details that will help individuals function more efficiently in their workspace, saving you time and money.  

Another great feature of having the appropriate casework is ensuring that your electricity, plumbing, and gas are installed in the layout to prevent the work from being done, reducing liability issues and injuries and promoting more flow and ease. 

Why Work With R.C. Smith for Your Lab’s Casework Solutions?

R.C. Smith brings over 50 years of laboratory casework design and building experience. We know what it takes to create an environment that allows your lab technicians to thrive at what they do. 

We are the team you can count on for your laboratory casework and millwork solutions for several reasons.

Turn-Key Solution

You can consider us your one-stop shop for all your casework and millwork needs. We’ll design, craft, and install your new additions promptly and efficiently. You can trust us to handle every step of your casework needs.

Collaborative & Expert Design Process

We have a team of architects, craftsmen, and installers working together to ensure your laboratory casework and millwork solutions are made with exceptional quality. Our team uses precision and unmatched expertise to make laboratory casework and millwork that works.

Customizable Solutions

At R.C. Smith, we understand that every laboratory and client is unique. We’ll work with you to create casework and millwork solutions that are crafted specifically for your needs and requirements. We’ll help you establish a laboratory that promotes efficiency and success.

Contact R.C. Smith Today for Laboratory Shelving Solutions 

The benefits of modular casework are noteworthy. Your staff's experience in the laboratory will make all the difference in how they function in their day, and it will show employees that you care for their health and success. Creating a structured and well-thought-out plan will also save time and money to streamline overall efficiency in your laboratory for an optimized day-to-day outcome in productivity.

If you’re in need of top-quality cabinets, storage shelves, and work surfaces for your laboratory, R.C. Smith is ready to help. Our collaborative team of professional designers and craftsmen is dedicated to helping you achieve the laboratory you need. 

To get started with an estimate, contact us online or call 800-747-7648.

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