How R.C. Smith Is Changing Healthcare Industry Casework Standards
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How R.C. Smith Is Changing Healthcare Industry Casework Standards

Any medical setting needs to be designed to help support research and be an efficient area that offers flexibility and functionality. Custom casework, from cabinetry to desktops, can provide the functional flow your busy healthcare facility needs.

R.C. Smith has been an expert provider for over 50 years and is one of the leading casework manufacturers in the nation. We have more than 7,500 installations, and our dedicated team works collaboratively to turn customers' dreams and requirements into successful projects.

Let's look at how R.C. Smith is streamlining the standards for custom casework in the healthcare industry.

Enhanced Work Environments

While the initial impression may be that all medical settings are the same, with rows of workbenches, shelving, and utility requirements, in reality, each environment has specific needs. This means creating a unique configuration and design for the space.

R.C. Smith sets the standards for safety and efficiency. From accommodating special equipment to having a customizable work area, we create solutions to help enhance the entire work environment.

Craftsmanship in Every Design

Over the years, millwork and casework have become more streamlined around healthcare needs to serve various functions. R.C. Smith designs systems that help foster more efficient patient input through custom casework that supports administrative needs.

Our craftsmanship and details have also evolved as the healthcare field’s requirements change. Our client’s needs are a priority, and our designers utilize a computer-aided system that has developed and changed over our last 50 years in the industry, resulting in exceptional craftsmanship in every detail.

Turn-Key Solutions

When you choose R.C. Smith, we provide you with a turn-key solution for all your millwork and customization needs. Our designers work as a collaborative team to help provide you with a system that is not only functional but sustainable, because we understand you need efficiency and adaptability.

We work with you to help determine how we can enhance your space, while at the same time offering an aesthetically pleasing solution based on your requirements.

Experience You Can Depend On

Healthcare has many layers, making it a complex system, and changes are occurring not only at the legislative level but directly through facility operations. From how administrators and patients utilize resources to how the centers are managed, these require a company that can adjust with them, and R.C. Smith delivers.

Flexibility and change are vital parts of a successful business, and we understand this from our 50 years of successful installations. 

R.C. Smith: A Leader in Casework Solutions

No matter what kind of healthcare facility you run, custom architectural casework can help accommodate your changing needs. From enhanced flexibility to greater organization space with custom medical cabinets, R.C. Smith has been a trusted name in Minnesota since 1965.

Improve your healthcare productivity and workflow with custom casework; call us at 800-747-7648 or message us online to schedule your design consultation.

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