10 Benefits of High-Quality Medical Shelving
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10 Benefits of High-Quality Medical Shelving

When it comes to professional commercial casework, nowhere is the need for top-of-the-line quality more in demand than within the medical industry. Time, efficiency, and organization are always of the essence in well-structured pharmacies, laboratories, and other healthcare and medical environments.

Disorderly arrangements, inadequate architecture, and insufficient spacing are just a few of the ways unsatisfactory medical cabinets and casework disrupt the ebb and flow of medical environments and pose hazardous risks to staff workers, patients, and customers. 

Utilizing professional and customizable casework solutions is the first step to fulfilling a vision of a high-functioning, self-sufficient medical setting. 

What Is Medical Casework?

If you have not heard the term “casework” before, let us provide a simple explanation. The word describes furniture made of wood cases or boxes. Medical casework is typically modular cabinetry or shelving.

Medical casework is designed to be practical and functional, but don’t let the appearance of simplicity fool you. Creating this type of shelving requires special skills because several parts must be hidden from view once it is complete. 

Here are some of the different sections that can go into creating casework. 

Biscuit Joint

This section is an oval-shaped spline wedged into grooves where the panels meet. These are generally done in a row and are reinforced with glue to create a strong bond.

Mortise & Tenon Joint

This style comes in many variations, and a prominent feature is how the wood is cut to fit into the recess or another piece of lumber. These joints are commonly used to secure the sides of cabinet doors.

Dado & Rabbet Joint

This joint consists of grooves cut into a board so another board can fit into it. They are cut across the board's width to help take the end of another panel and are common in cabinets or bookcases.


The dovetail is one of the visible joints familiar with casework and is common in constructing boxes for drawers. They offer excellent strength and aesthetics for any cabinetry or furniture case.

Creating Custom Medical Shelving Solutions

Each medical facility has unique requirements that custom cabinetry design can address. R.C. Smith specializes in professional casework and millwork for healthcare environments, focusing on efficiency and sustainability. 

Medical casework should not be complicated, and we work hard to create functional designs that save people precious time and energy. Whether you're looking for restaurant cabinets for the hospital kitchen or custom cabinetry to contain advanced technology, R.C. Smith has over 50 years of experience and 7,500 installations backing up our expert service. 

We use the latest technology and advanced equipment to deliver detailed craftsmanship!

Experience the Benefits of High-Quality Medical Shelving

To understand how enhanced storage, immaculate shelving, and professionally installed cabinetry can upgrade your medical facility, consider the following benefits. 

1. Improved Workflow 

It cannot be understated how crucial it is to maximize efficiency, spacing, and organization within a medical environment. Research indicates that the average employee spends nearly two hours every day searching for and gathering information, which equates to almost 20% of office hours wasted due to inefficient organization. That is valuable time pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories simply can’t afford to lose! 

From properly structured shelving units to state-of-the-art cabinetry, professional medical casework works wonders to improve any medical environment’s workflow. 

2. Essential Spacing

No measurement of the room should go unused within any medical environment. Expert medical casework is what will help utilize space to its fullest potential.

This includes creating a space that’s accommodating for heavy traffic, easily accessible to furnishing and equipment, as well as allowing for sufficient storage opportunities for products, documents, instruments, etc. 

The easier you can work within your medical surroundings, the easier it will be to do your job. 

3. Enhanced Durability & Longevity    

High-quality medical casework means longer-lasting furnishings for your pharmaceutical or laboratory environment. Utilizing professional installation services will provide you with an unparalleled return on investment, meaning you have to worry less about its durability and more time and energy focusing on the tasks at hand.   

4. Easier Use

Another essential function of high-quality medical casework is ensuring that the design works well for creating solutions to staffing needs, including their comfort. The design should be easy to open or close with little restriction. 

The casework should also be built to be within arm’s reach to find items quickly and easily because seconds can count in areas like operating rooms to prevent adverse outcomes.

5. Electronic Use 

With technology advancing at high rates, it is essential to ensure that casework is adaptable for any specific electronics required. 

Creating a design that has the flexibility to accommodate the various technologies necessary for a medical setting, from computers to handheld devices, is crucial because daily routines can change suddenly when working with client needs.

6. Productivity & Client Care

Another consideration is healthcare cabinets that are being utilized in procedure rooms. Creating an organized storage system with the necessary supplies means meeting your patients' needs while creating an aesthetic that keeps them comfortable and calm during their visit.

Having customized cabinetry can also help foster a feeling of comfort and ease for your staff because they know their needs are being met when it comes to organization. This, in turn, can enhance productivity levels and create higher morale in the workplace, creating a greater output production.

7. Personalization  

Choosing modular medical casework also means creating a space that directly reflects the care your business is putting into the daily function of your staff. Choosing to create a well-organized and intricate design reflects the understanding that your company cares for the people who come there.

The casework is available in many finishes, designs, and material options that allow for customization and personalization to present the message you want to promote in your company.

8. Hygiene Emphasis

Providing a sanitary environment for staff, patients, and customers alike is always a medical environment’s top priority. In fact, the CDC estimates that healthcare-associated infections account for approximately 1.7 million infections in the U.S. every year. 

Taking advantage of customizable medical casework and design can offer flexible options when it comes to finding non-porous surfaces that are easy to disinfect and maintain, and it will also minimize health and safety risks within the workplace.   

9. Adaptable & Flexible Designs 

Durable countertops, adjustable height worktables, and mobile storage options are just a few of the innovative medical casework designs that will breathe new life into your workplace. High-quality medical casework offers customizable features and accommodating styles specifically designed to enhance the function of any medical environment. 

Best of all, there are plenty of modular casework solutions to consider when it comes to adapting to your healthcare facility's latest requirements and standards. 

10. Cost-Effective

When you consider how often your medical or pharmacy shelving units are loaded and unloaded with items, over time will cause wear and tear, especially if they are not professional grade. 

Professional quality starts with the highest level of craftsmanship and care, ensuring a long-lasting and durable product that can hold up through the years, creating less need for replacement or repair. 

Signs it's Time for a Medical Shelving Upgrade

It may not always be obvious when it's time to upgrade your medical or pharmacy cabinets, but some key indicators you can look for include:

  • A lack of practical storage space for small and oversized items.

  • Issues with storage overflow or overcrowded corridors.

  • Accessibility issues for staff.

  • The needs of your facility are changing.

  • Frequent misplacement or missing equipment.

  • Casework and millwork that's receiving regular reports of damage.

No matter your situation, getting the proper medical and pharmacy shelves can help your facility function better because supplies, medications, equipment, or tools are all in their designated place and neatly stored.

Professional Medical Casework Solutions for Your Laboratory

Never settle for less than the best medical casework for your healthcare facility. At R.C. Smith, we pride ourselves on offering businesses a variety of casework and millwork solutions to enhance productivity and appearance

If you’re interested in learning more about how high-quality medical casework will benefit your business, contact R.C. Smith online today to consult with our team of expert designers and craftsmen,  or give us a call at 800-747-7648.


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