Tips for Designing a Comfortable Exam Room
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Tips for Designing a Comfortable Exam Room

Patients come to your business to get the help they need with whatever may be ailing them, so you want to have an environment that creates a feeling of care. You also need efficiency that will help optimize workflow in the space, so understanding how to create an environment that fosters these is crucial. Here are just a few tips on making your workspace more functional and welcoming for everyone involved.

Keep Your Patients in Mind

When you start considering the layout of your exam room, you want to remember that a patient's first impressions are based on their experience, and the way the area is organized with custom millwork and color schematics can all make a difference. You want to choose cabinetry that streamlines the process while also having cheerful and natural colors with warmer tones to promote a sense of ease in the area.

Placement of Elements

You are also going to need to consider the needs of the faculty and base your decision on the more common types of procedures that are performed. You want to utilize as much space as possible, so considering customized medical storage cabinets are just one option to choose from.

The biggest concern is making sure that the room is large enough to accommodate changes as needed, and a standard room will require a sink, healthcare casework, a table, chairs, and other various items, so each patient’s visit has their basic needs met. Optimizing lighting can help with shadow control for exams, and choosing a flexible rotating option can be a great choice.

When it comes to seating, you want to ensure that you provide adjustable stools for the staff while supplying two to three different chairs positioned in various areas of the room for the patient and anyone accompanying them. It can be a great addition to include a dressing area with either a separator made of cloth curtains or a cubicle fitted to the wall.

We recommend having cabinetry that's at least 18 inches deep to optimize storage and maintain the largest amount of floor space, making modular medical casework the best choice. In addition to this, if the size of the room allows, it is also recommended to ensure the patients have a place to store their belongings.

Choose R.C. Smith for Quality and Craftsmanship

Your client's comfort and care are your number one priority when creating an exam room. You want a company that can work side by side with you when it comes to designing medical cabinetry that fits your needs. R.C. Smith has been a locally owned company in business since 1965, specializing in multiple options, including custom millwork and retail store counter designs.

We would love to help you get started with your next project in Minnesota, so give us a call at 800-747-7648 or contact us today.

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