Options to Consider for Custom Reception Desks
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Options to Consider for Custom Reception Desks

From the minute your clients walk in the door, they will see your welcoming area. Traditionally this will include their first point of contact, and anything in the room will offer them an impression of your business. This reason alone makes it essential to create a modern reception desk that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Having a desk that represents your business's priorities will help customers better understand what your company offers, so let’s get started designing your ideal reception desk!

Specialization Options

You will want to consider several things before you begin speaking with a design specialist to create your reception desk.


Start by taking into account the size of the reception space and try to mimic that area. For example: if the office is smaller, you will not want a large desk as your focal point. You also want to maintain enough space in the room for people walking to navigate easily around the desk.

If you have multiple individuals utilizing the area each day, you will need to consider what their needs are by determining who will be using the space. This will also reply to single individuals, and there may be fewer things to think about.

Storage Capabilities

The reception desk will also be used for information storage and processing. Will the design include filing cabinets, or will those be separate?

In addition, how much storage are you going to need based on the level of paperwork your company processes daily?

Commercial millwork will foster a space that allows for more organization and upgraded storage needs.

Sitting or Standing

It is no secret that sitting for long periods is unhealthy, so you may want to consider creating an option for your staff to stand while they are working. With multiple benefits like a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity, it makes sense to offer this bonus.

Outside Appearance

When working in medical environments, you want the front desk to be inviting and alternate in color variations to help patients find the area they need to go.

In addition, you will want to consider creating a desk that promotes privacy especially if the individual or patient is experiencing discomfort or nervousness as they check-in.

Choose R.C. Smith for Excellence in Customization

Creating a customized reception desk can be beneficial in multiple ways, so your last decision is if you want a themed aesthetic for the area. If your company specializes in children's care, you may add a more boisterous look with brighter colors and fun shapes that include custom commercial cabinets.

R.C. Smith is a family-owned and local company that has over 50 years of the highest quality experience on the market as commercial cabinet makers. We understand the importance of creating a functional space to help foster ingenuity and performance from food service to health care.

We will work step by step with you, so call us at 800-747-7648 or click on the link to get started with one of our design consultants.

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