5 Important Design Considerations for Break Rooms
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5 Important Design Considerations for Break Rooms

If it's time to plan or upgrade an employee break room with additions or commercial cabinetry, you need a high-quality design. Understanding what will make it functional, durable, and practical is crucial because this can contribute to employee morale and happiness. This vital area needs specialized consideration, so keep scrolling to learn about expert break room designs.

Add Customized Millwork

The last thing employees want to deal with when they are on their break is trying to find a place to put their items or relax. One of the biggest benefits you can offer your office break room is having an area that promotes ease of use and provides a place that allows the employees to relax and recharge while they are away from work.

Storage Options

Most employees rely on the break room to give them a balance in their day, and if the area is cluttered and disorganized, this can make individuals uncomfortable and unable to relax. Having customized millwork helps increase employee well-being because the individuals will be able to navigate the area and store their items more easily, creating a sense of ease and efficiency.

Easy Clean-Up

Another important consideration is creating a space that is easy to clean up after the employees finish their meals. Whether you choose easy-to-clean tables and chairs or storage compartments, having a space where employees have to spend less time working while relaxing will help improve their mood, which can result in increased work performance.

Enhanced Additions

Ensuring the employees have a space that promotes leisurely activities while on break is also crucial. Optimizing the area to accommodate handheld electronics or computers allows your employees to connect outside work, whether for pleasure or daily function.

And in addition, incorporating custom options like TVs, video game consoles, and other items of fun and convenience can help boost morale and help them decompress during their downtime.

Cooking Stations

In most situations, the employees will eat their meals in the break room, so a natural option is to incorporate various cooking methods. Offering ovens, stove tops, microwaves, and toasters can be highly beneficial, and with the right design, the space can become a functional and efficient area.

No Matter the Size of the Project, We Have You Covered

No matter what size your break room is, budget, or goals, the experts at R.C. Smith can help create a design you love. Our team has been providing expert services in Minnesota for over 50 years, and we work hard to create the highest quality products, including laboratory cabinets and kiosk enclosures that you can depend on through the years.

Creating the perfect design for your break room starts with your unique vision, so contact us online or give us a call at 800-747-7648 to get started.

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