Different Types of Pharmacies Require Different Storage Solutions
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Different Types of Pharmacies Require Different Storage Solutions

As services of convenience become more heavily implemented in our society, you may start to notice pharmacies of different natures popping up. Each type of pharmacy is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Some are intended to provide medication to patients, while others aim to provide other forms of medical assistance to specific groups of people, depending upon their circumstance and situation.

Let’s take a look at five different types of pharmacies you might find in your local area, as well as where you can find storage solutions for each type.

Retail Pharmacy

Minute clinics along with pharmacies within retail and grocery stores are becoming increasingly popular. Why is this the case? One of the main reasons is because it offers convenience for shoppers; a one-stop-shop where you can get what you need, all in one place. Retail pharmacies can be found in practically every state.

Assisted Living and Long-Term Care Pharmacies

It is becoming more popular for assisted living and long term care facilities to have an in-house pharmacy. This is because they provide convenience for the residents, as well as a dose of geriatric empathy toward health-related issues many residents face.

Compounding Pharmacy

In the healthcare field, one size fits all is not going to fly. Medications react differently to different people, as there are complications and underlying health conditions for some, but not others. That is why compounding pharmacies allow for a more personalized medical care experience. This means medicines are formulated to specific needs, customizing them for each patient.

Clinic Pharmacy

Clinic pharmacies handle a variety of duties, from administrative tasks to filling prescriptions for the doctors or nurses in the office. One unique feature of clinic pharmacies is the ability to specialize in a particular medical service or medication, per the needs of their patients.

Hospital Pharmacy

In a hospital pharmacy setting, both inpatient and outpatient services are offered. The former works closely with doctors and nurses to ensure dispensation of medication is accurate, while the latter advises patients on how to take their medication properly.

WIth so many different types of pharmacies, you need quality storage solutions. That is where R.C Smith comes in. We offer simple solutions with strong results. Our cabinetry is designed to improve workflow, productivity, and the outcome of patients. We pride ourselves in offering both functional and sustainable casework to pharmacies. This includes modular casework, reconfigurable units, and merchandise display units.

R.C Smith is here for your pharmacy storage needs. As a family run business, we come with 50 years of experience dedicated to improving the craft of casework and millwork in a variety of industries. Our skilled workers take time to create the perfect unit for your needs. To learn more, call us at 800.747.7648 or schedule a design consultation today.

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