What Is Casework? How R.C. Smith’s Custom Designs Offer Solutions
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What Is Casework? How R.C. Smith’s Custom Designs Offer Solutions

If you have not heard the term custom casework before, you might be wondering what it is. The word casework means "aggregate assembled parts" that make up the actual cabinet, and while it might seem like a simple process, it's anything but that.

To keep it simple, casework is a form of custom-made cabinetry that can be placed in any home or office.

Custom millwork requires multiple skill sets to create a practical and functional piece of cabinetry, due to several parts that need to be hidden from view once it is complete.

Here are some of the different sections that can go into creating this cabinetry.

Biscuit Joint

This section is an oval-shaped spline that gets wedged into grooves where the panels meet one another. These are generally done in a row and are reinforced with glue to create a strong bond.

Mortise and Tenon Joint

This style comes in many variations, and a prominent feature is how the wood is cut to fit into the recess or another piece of lumber. These joints are commonly used to secure the sides of cabinet doors.

Dado and Rabbet Joint

This joint consists of grooves cut into a board so another board can fit into it. They are cut across the board's width to help take the end of another panel and are common in cabinets or bookcases.


The dovetail is one of the visible joints familiar with casework and is common in constructing boxes for drawers. They offer excellent strength and aesthetics for any cabinetry or furniture case.

Creating Solutions

Each business has its unique requirements, and depending on what you are producing will change how the layout of your reception or laboratory area needs to function. The cabinetry design can help a business function more efficiently, and R.C. Smith specializes in professional casework and millwork. Casework does not have to be complicated, and we work hard to create a functional design where we utilize our custom style to get the job done.

Whether you're looking for restaurant cabinets or an area that can be utilized for any advanced technology for your medical casework, R.C. Smith has over 50 years of experience in 7,500 installations backing up our expert service. We will use the latest technology when it comes to woodworking equipment that will display our detailed craftsmanship.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation, click here or give us a call at 800-747-7648 today.

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